You smile lazily, tap away on your phone in a drunken stupor. Okay; maybe that last glass of wine wasn’t really needed, but who gave a rats ass?? Not you, that’s for sure. You had been drunken enough to do some pretty inappropriate things to your body, to show off to your … master, you reckoned. That magic anon sure was confident in their person of choice.

You sent him three photos, each one a little more revealing than the next.

First; a rather simple shot. It was a POV one, with you between his legs and a flogger placed in your mouth. You looked like some sort of cat offering up a dead mouse for a reward. Only this time, the hopeful award was your pain.

Second; a picture of yourself blindfolded and (seemingly) being choked. You remember this one fondly, it being a challenge to take properly. Adding onto your ensembale, you were forcing yourself down on a … really big fake cock. Your mouth open in pretty evident pleasure, limbs folded neatly behind your back.

And last, but certainly not least, was a picture of you, bend over, head down, ass up, with a stickynote carefully placed over your taint. It said ‘fuck me’ on it; you think. In the shot, your face was evident, eyes shut tight and teeth shoving into your lower lip as you focused on keeping yourself spread. The final touch had been ‘Daddy’s boy’ written in sharpie along your inner thigh.
With a small smirk, you click Dave’s contact, select the three photo’s, and click send. Hopefully he likes what he sees.

24 Jan 2013 18 notes

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